Stranger Danger on your daily commute could make you less happy


Stranger Danger on your daily commute could make you less happy

It turns out I’ve been spending my subway rides all wrong.

Really interesting article by Shana D. Leibowitz @ShanaDLebowitz at Business Insider Strategy. I can Honestly say i avoid people at all costs with the rare exception of when their armpit is in my ear then we talk.

The study featured a series of experiments, which took place in Chicago trains, buses, and cabs. For the train experiment, researchers recruited about 90 passengers and told them them either to have a conversation with a new person on the train, keep to themselves, or do what they would normally do on their commute.

Everyone was asked to complete a survey about how happy and sad they felt after their commute, and how pleasant and productive their commute was compared to usual.

Results showed that passengers had a much more positive commute when they talked to a stranger than when they sat alone or did what they usually did. Perhaps surprisingly, those who talked to a stranger didn’t report being less productive than usual.

Here’s where things get really interesting.

In another experiment, researchers asked a different group of participants to predict how pleasant and productive their commute would be if they talked to someone, enjoyed their solitude, or went about their usual business. Those participants said they would have a much less positive and productive commute when they interacted with a stranger.

The results of another experiment shed some light on why people feel this way: They generally think that other passengers don’t want to talk to them.

Source: After seeing the results of a clever psychological study, I’m considering making a major change to my daily commute

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