Maybe you will never have to buy anything again in the Sharing Economy

shared economy borrow a dog

You can walk a local dog or enjoy spending the weekend with it, and you’ll be helping out their owners as well. It costs £9.99 a year to sign up to the main dog borrowing website.

Ten years. It’s taken just 10 years to seriously challenge the basic rule of commerce – that we must buy.  In that time the idea of sharing and borrowing has developed from off the cuff deals between friends and family to a major global industry valued in the billions. In fact, if you include peer-to-peer finance, peer-to-peer accommodation and car sharing, this “megatrend” could increase in value from $15bn today to $335bn within 10 years, according to consultancy firm PwC.

Source: Something borrowed: The booming sharing economy means you may never have to buy again

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