How is Machine-to-Machine Impacting IoT?

Guest Post: In the last couple of years we’ve seen the Internet of Things (IoT) take centre stage and develop into a multinational phenomenon. Wherever we go we’re connected, whether it’s through a car, wearable or even a kettle.Machine to machine learning is accelerating IoT usefulness. 

Nowadays we’re used to being connected 24/7, and with most processes at home becoming automated it’ll soon be hard to imagine a world in which we have to manually undertake each task.Machine learning is rapidly helping to achieve this world.

Wherever we go we hear about smart homes, smart cars, and even smart fridges! If these technologies were unable to communicate with one another through M2M we wouldn’t have so called ‘smart tech’ at all.

The truth is that ,; they’re helping us change our lifestyles so that we can spend less time worrying about unimportant things and focus on the things that should be a priority.

Businesses are constantly evolving and adapting in an attempt to push themselves ahead of their competitors (this usually entails keeping up with the latest tech). One of the main differences we’ve seen in the last decade or so is the addition of M2M and IoT.

The internet of things is allowing businesses to automate processes that once required human employees to complete. Organisations around the planet no longer abide to the 9 till 5 office regime that we were once used to, they run 24/7 around the clock with little or no human interference whatsoever.

Source: How is Machine-to-Machine Impacting IoT?

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