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An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator, or fully or intermittently autonomously, by onboard computers.

Elbit Systems reveals new anti-UAV ReDrone system

Tel Aviv, Israel (UPI) Nov 14, 2016 –
Elbit Systems has revealed its new ReDrone, a device capable of detecting and neutralizing enemy unmanned aerial vehicles.

The company revealed the product during the Israel HLS and Cyber Conference in Tel Aviv. The system, officials say, is ideal for protecting high-value targets such as closed air spaces and national infrastructures against hostile threats.

The system is designed to detect and disrupt nearby UAVs in addition to supporting information, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance missions. A supporting SupervisIR system can also be integrated to boost detection capabilities, enabling thermal imaging.

On the field, the ReDrone is able to separate an incoming UAV from its operator’s commands by blocking radio signals. It can also provide surveillance information from a 360-degree perimeter while providing situational awareness.

The fourth annual Israel HLS & Cyber Conference begins on Nov. 14 and will continue through Nov. 17. The event aims to attract leaders from the defense and cyber industries, and allows government officials from Israel and other countries to examine new technologies.

Infor Announces Innovative Tethered Drone-Based Asset Management Solution with Drone Aviation Corp

New York NY (SPX) Nov 16, 2016 –

Infor has announced, in partnership with Drone Aviation, the creation of Infor’s new Drone Enterprise Asset Management Solution (DEAMS), designed to solve industry challenges by enabling safe, efficient asset managem…

Northrop Grumman receives $190 million Hunter drone contract

Washington (UPI) Nov 01, 2016 –
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. has received a $190 million U.S. Army contract for support work on the MQ-5B Hunter drone program.

In particular, the cost-plus-fixed-fee contract covers continuation of contractor logi…

C-Astral signs with Alta Devices to provide solar cells for new, high performance, long endurance UAVS

Sunnyvale CA (SPX) Nov 02, 2016 –

C-Astral Aerospace and Alta Devices have announced that Alta’s world record-breaking solar technology will be used to significantly extend the endurance for the most sophisticated of C-Astral’s next generation unman…

AeroVironment to supply Dutch defense with UAVs

Monrovia CA (SPX) Nov 02, 2016 –

AeroVironment has announced the receipt of a contract from the Netherlands Ministry of Defence on October 14 for small UAS, upgrades and support services totaling $10,321,375. Delivery is anticipated within six month…

Iraqi forces battle car bombs with commercial drones

Salahiyah, Iraq (AFP) Nov 6, 2016 –

On the Mosul front lines, Iraqi forces have found a new tool to counter the Islamic State group’s suicide car bombs: small commercial drones.

“It’s a car bomb!” Mohammed Salih alerted his forces after checking th…

U.S. Navy’s first drone squadron stands up

Jacksonville, Fla. (UPI) Nov 01, 2016 –
The U.S. Navy’s first drone squadron was stood up Friday at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla.

The new unit will be known as Unmanned Patrol Squadron 19 and is comprised of Northrop Grumman-built MQ-4C Trit…

‘National Bird’ shines light on secretive drone wars

Los Angeles (AFP) Nov 3, 2016 –

The convoy had stopped for prayers in a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan when the Hellfire missiles came out of a clear blue sky, incinerating vehicles and liquidating 23 unarmed civilians.

The February 201…